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We are QuizBrix

 A PuzzleBox company that builds premium puzzleboxes out of LEGO® bricks!


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Our Puzzles

  • QuizBrix aims to design and manufacture premium LEGO® Puzzle boxes

  • The puzzles are small escape rooms in the palm of your hand

  • The use of LEGO® parts enables the construction of challenging and enjoyable puzzles with sophisticated mechanisms, while incorporating a unique design

  • The way to solve the puzzle is by performing a sequence of actions in a certain order, where each step leads to the next one, until finally finding the Golden Bar hidden inside

  • The puzzles were designed to be durable and immune to malfunctions and allow for a challenging and enjoyable experience (however, since the LEGO® parts are not glued together, do not try to separate the blocks)

  • Each puzzle has a guided solution video and a reset video of the puzzle on site

  • The puzzles are suited for 10+ years old (please prevent small children from using the puzzle as there is a choking hazard)

  • Solving the puzzles require and develop important and unique skills (logical thinking, drawing conclusions, patience, curiosity, dexterity, creativity and thinking outside the box)

  • The puzzles are an ideal idea for a birthday present, a challenging hobby, or even an engagement proposal

  • In some puzzles there is a special space for hiding a personal item inside (USB drive, ring, note etc.)

Our Puzzle


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Customer Feedbacks

“I agree I bought it about a year ago from the first local run the designer did, and it was my 4th Lego puzzle box back than and I was amazed with the durability put into this and the crazy amount of tools and steps it holds. Since than I've given it to a couple of friends that are not experienced puzzlers and none of them had the Lego bricks fallen apart in unintended way.”

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