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  • Our second PuzzleBox!
  • This puzzle is more difficult than the first one (8/10)
  • Solving method is more similiar to a Lock Puzzle
  • Small in size but has more than 20 steps towards the solution
  • Measures 2.5" long by 1.9" wide by 2.8" tall (the size of an apple)
  • Solving time should be around 3 hours
  • See if you can find the GOLDEN BAR inside!
  • Requires & Develops - Logical thinking, Curiosity, Creativity, Thinking outside of the box

The VERTIGO PuzzleBox

129.99$ Regular Price
99.99$Sale Price

    Customer Feedbacks


    “I agree I bought it about a year ago from the first local run the designer did, and it was my 4th Lego puzzle box back than and I was amazed with the durability put into this and the crazy amount of tools and steps it holds. Since than I've given it to a couple of friends that are not experienced puzzlers and none of them had the Lego bricks fallen apart in unintended way.”

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